Wondering why Astroquizzical has been so quiet?

It’s been a busy month for your faithful Astroquizzical writer!

So here’s what’s been going on.  Remember this?  I had to take a mini-break to crunch through the last of writing my thesis.  Well, on April 15th, I successfully defended my PhD!

The rest of the month was dedicated to making the changes that my committee requested before my thesis could be officially accepted; all of these changes had to be completed before the end of April.  So, as of April 28th, I completed all requirements for my PhD, and will shortly be handed a diploma.  (It’s very exciting.)  With this complete, I should be free to start answering your questions more regularly!

Astroquizzical still wants and needs your questions!  If you have even the slightest curiosity about space, please send your questions my way, and I will do my best to clear things up for you.

You can submit your questions anonymously through the ask page and the sidebar, or less anonymously via facebook, twitter, or Google+.

I appreciate all your patience, and I hope to answer your questions soon!