Two hundred!


Astroquizzical just made it over 200 followers!  Thanks very much to all the recent additions and to the long-time readers.  I wouldn’t have so many interesting things to talk about if it weren’t for you all.

Thanks for reading, and particularly for sending in your questions!  I look forward to answering many more!

Remember you can always submit questions anonymously through the ask page or the sidebar on the main page, or via Facebooktwitter, and Google+, if you prefer.

-your friendly neighborhood astrophysicist.

(PS: the image at the top was made through this fun website run by Galaxy Zoo.)


Astroquizzical has reached 50 followers!  Thanks to everyone both for your interest and for following, and please continue to pass along Astroquizzical to your astronomically curious companions!

Thanks for all the questions; keep them coming, and I will keep on doing my best to provide clear answers to all.

-Your friendly neighborhood astrophysicist