Reader survey!

Who are you, my readers?

Hi tumblr! Astroquizzical is participating in a first-of-its-kind scientific survey of the people who read science blogs, and why! But the survey needs your participation!

If you have read any Astroquizzical posts (ever), you can participate! Click on the link here: !

At least 2 of you will definitely get a $50 prize to thank you for your time, and there are art prizes for everyone who completes the survey.  (All your information will be held anonymously, so I won’t wind up with your names etc.)

If you have reblogged Astroquizzical before, please reblog this post! I’d like everyone who’s seen a post of mine to have a chance to fill in the survey.  Thanks!

-your friendly neighborhood astrophysicist

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EDIT: If you’re having trouble with the bitly link, the direct link is here: